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"I draw and paint my contentments, my fears, my prides and my insecurities.  To have YOU relate to any of my be 'touched' by them....that is why I paint"




Hello everyone ..... and Welcome!

     Carole Salak ..... "artnanna" here.....a recently retired pre-school through senior year multiple subjects

instructor ..... 53 years, the last 25 of which I specialized in teaching Studio Art.

     I present to you here "not your usual Selling Artist site",

but rather a place where you will be able to investigate my thought processes both as a teacher and artist.

     I will be sharing here my "foreground, middle-ground, and background"

with my own art work as well as that of some of  my students.

     I am excited to present this site in particular to the CMATO Board and Council members

as I direct them to it in my new adventure as their Art Appreciation Instructor.

     Have fun.....enjoy.....and any comments or critiques (and of course helpful advice),

please contact me at this email address:


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